Thursday, September 30, 2010

Internet Explorer are you serious?

I can't believe that Internet Explorer accounts for 10 percent of the traffic for my blog.

I mean, I know that most of the people viewing my blog are close to my age, and usually somewhat internet savvy. If 10 percent of my peers are using IE, then I know the computer retarded masses are using it even more, and that's just sad. It doesn't tell me which version of IE is viewing the pages, so I pray that you guys are at least using IE8, or maybe even the IE9 beta. On a side note, I had never even heard of the Iron browser until I checked my stats. For those of you that have used Iron, how is it? Is it worth a shot? I like minimalist browsers, but at the same time I like my extensions and add-ons. I like that someone has read this from the iPhone. Awesome.

Also, thanks to all my friends who live abroad for reading my stuff. I didn't realize that I had friends in so many different countries.

Somewhere in this post I hid a reference to Family Guy, specifically from the second part of "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story". It has something to do with Quagmire. It's small, so not very obvious. I'll Paypal a buck to the first person to find it. Happy hunting.

EDIT: CS found the reference. It's the name of the second picture. Scroll down to read his comment. It's part of what Quagmire has written on his RV. Nicely done, CS. I need your email somehow so I can get you your money.