Monday, July 7, 2008

Cash Crate: Earn money on the internet.

Guys. Guys. Guess what?

I actually found a way to make money on the internet. Seriously. After many tries, I finally found a site that ISN'T a scam. I'm talking about Cash Crate. It's your typical 'Get Paid To Click' site, with one major difference: This one actually pays you. I joined at the end of June, and already I've earned about 30 bucks. There's a couple ways to earn money:

1) Do surveys. This option takes a little time, since you actually have to take a survey.
2) Complete free offers. This takes time also, but it usually pays better than the surveys.
3) Get referrals. For every person that you refer to Cash Crate, you get 20% of what they make. So the guy that referred me has already made $6 from me. In a week. Nice. This is the best way to make money.

I HIGHLY recommend Cash Crate. Please click the banner up at the top of this page to sign up. You will be helping me, since I will be you referrer, and you will be helping yourself, since you will be making money. Seriously, it is the first trustworthy site I have found that does this kind of thing.

If you don't believe me, go ahead and sign up and visit their forums. You can see people post pictures of their Cash Crate checks and talk about the best strategies for referrals and tips for completing surveys quickly. Or you can email me or comment on this blog and I'll answer any questions that you might have.

Give it a shot. I have never lied to any of you guys. Please. Make me money while you make yourself money :).

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independence Day...One Day Late.

I just got home from my town's fireworks display. Me and my daughter set up a lawn chair and watched the whole thing from about a quarter mile away from ground zero. Amazing. I may complain about a lot of things in this country, but in the end, I am indeed proud to be an American. I think it needs repeating.

I am proud to be an American.

The Escaped Crminal. (c) 1994

Wrote this when I was ten years old. Just found it.

The many long, hard years of prison life had molded this fugitive into a fighting machine of extreme endurance, but even he was beginning to tire after three days of running from the police after his escape from the Orange County Correctional Facility. As he waded through a stream, he cursed under his breath as he saw his last pack of cigarettes get washed out of his pocket by the forceful current. “At least I still have my lighter”, he thought to himself. Behind him he could hear the crack of twigs as the not-so-agile search team followed hot on his trail. Up ahead he could see the outline of a warehouse with the words “RJ Reynolds Co.” on the side. “Good,” he thought, “I’ll steal some smokes from that warehouse and maybe get some sleep before the cops get back on my trail.”

Half an hour later he had successfully slipped in trough an old busted out window in the building and was rummaging through boxes. He had only found tobacco so far, no cigarettes. Upon opening his next crate, much to his delight, he found twenty cases of lighter fluid refill. A plan was forming in his mind. He knew that there was three officers chasing him. He could use this fluid as napalm and take out at least one of his pursuers. He went back out side and carefully built a small hook and release trap with a share on one end. This trap would capture one of the cops. He then collected some of the thicker branches. He dipped these sticks in the lighter fluid. After that he went through more boxes until he found some cigarettes and settled down for a nice long smoke followed by a nap.

The noise of footsteps awoke him. They were here. Within minutes he heard a scream and knew that his snare trap had worked. Now was the time to strike, while the other two were trying to free their fallen comrade. He lit the sticks that he had soaked in lighter fluid and came out of his hiding place. With one swift motion he hurled the sticks at the two standing officers, instantly engulfing them in flames. He then made his way to the hanging cop and broke his neck.

Now he was a free man. He went back into the warehouse and smoked twenty cigarettes before dozing off.

McCain all the way.

I think that he is the only one that can lead our country in the right direction. His voting record is very strongly for the masses. In his multiple decades in government, he has never voted to increase taxes. Ever. Obama, on the other hand, is basically telling everyone to kiss their money goodbye. He has proposed paying for everyone's health care and giving all college student $4,000 a year. What he forgets to mention is who exactly is going to pay for it. The answer is, all of us intelligent, hard-working people. So you worked your ass off in college to get a degree and make a lot of money? Too bad, now we are gonna take that money from you and give it to the lazy. Built your own business from scratch? Thanks for all the hard work, thanks to you, now someone else can get a hand out and not have to work as hard as you did!

The concept of personal responsibility have gone out the window lately. People complain that they can't afford health care for their children, or that gas prices are too high. Everyone expects the government to bail them out. I firmly believe that if you can't afford health care for your own child, then you had no business bringing that child into this world. Everyone knows how high medical costs are, and they should think about this before having unprotected sex. If you are still careless enough to create life without a plan to take care of this life, then you are the worst kind of neglectful and uncaring parent around. This is, of course, only one example of how we are losing our personal responsibility. The problem is, every time a country attempts a socialist/communist government, it tends to fail miserably. If you take personal achievement and personal responsibility out of the equation, then all of the sudden you lose what made America great. This is what the Democrats are proposing. Everyone gets something for nothing, let's all just love each other and we will all be OK. It doesn't work that way. Obama is fooling the masses with a smile and smoke and mirrors. He will do nothing except bankrupt our country by giving away more than he takes in. Stop and think about how he can possibly pay for all of the things he is proposing.

And concerning the war in Iraq, whether of not you are for it or against it, you have to agree that terrorists are bad people. Obama wants to talk to them, to try to reason with them. You have got to be kidding me. Does he really think that if he had had a sit down with Bin Laden on Sept 10th, 2001, that the WTC attack would have been averted? Bin Laden would have gone "Oh, yeah, you have some good points, I guess I will just let go of this anger that I have been holding against your country for 50 years now. Thanks for the chat Obama." I'm pretty sure that many terrorists and dictators have said that they want Obama in the White House. (I'm looking for the story and sources now.) What does that tell you?

At least McCain is realistic. He says that he will go after anyone that wants to hurt America. Cool. He also is realistic about Immigration laws. He realizes that we can't just kick out millions of people. It's not feasible. So he is open to different approaches. And I can almost guarantee you that your taxes will not go up while he is President. McCain is a conservative Republican, and he is in favor of reducing the size of government, while the Dems are all for increasing the size of government.

My last point is this: Obama speaks of change. What needs changing? All I ask you is what needs changing. Are all of you guys unhappy with your endless supply of food, while millions starve in Africa? Are you upset that you only get to choose from 700 channels of TV? Is it really so bad that you have access to technology that can access almost endless information almost instantly and it is dirt cheap, while others around the world don't even have access to technology that gives them running water? Everyone wants change, I happen to think we are doing pretty damn good.

A very very short essay on heathcare.

The argument over socialized healthcare is an important factor in this presidential race. Generally, Democrats favor government sponsored healthcare, while Republicans would rather have medical insurance be delegated to the private sector. It seems that in recent times, the concept of personal responsibility has been lost. Apparently, no one needs to plan for the future or pay for expenses that they incur upon themselves. I believe that the government should not be burdened with our medical bills. Basically, it comes down to this: one person should not be forced to pay another’s bills. If someone needs health insurance, then they need to buy some. They shouldn’t expect the government to pay for it. Healthcare costs are astronomical, and everyone knows this. Failure to have health insurance represents a failure to plan for the future and a failure to accept reality. In these modern times, everyone can afford health insurance, whether they know it or not. There are many ways to get affordable or free health insurance. Join a union, become part of a large family plan, or find a job that offers discounted insurance. Even McDonald’s offers it’s employees inexpensive insurance. The final point to think about is this: If the United States government creates a Federal health insurance program, who is going to pay for it? If a person thinks that their taxes are too high now, just wait until Barack O’Bama becomes President and that person has to pay for health insurance for 300 million Americans, even though they themselves are currently covered.

Gas costs a lot because we use it like it's renewable.

It isn't.

I myself am guilty. This morning on the way to work, I was actually thinking of this, and I realized that although I drive between twenty and sixty miles to work each day (Depending on what site I'm at that day), I never carpool or consider moving closer to my job. It is the most extreme form of apathy, and Americans are terrible about it. Whining is much easier than changing your own lifestyle. It's much easier to point the finger than to admit guilt for a problem. When you have 300,000,000 Americans each driving dozens of miles per day, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that gas is gonna cost a lot.

When you think about the fact that somewhere in Eastern Europe, this oil rig goes a mile into the Earth, sucks up a gallon of dead dinosaur juice, ships it thousands of miles to the U.S., then refines it in their multi-billion dollar refinery, then ships it to the local gas station, then employs people around the clock to be there to sell that gas, all so we can hurtle our few tons of steel down the road: That's a ton of work put into that gallon of gas. And we're only paying $4.00 for all that work? I'm just fine with paying a lot of money for gas. I think it's pretty impressive that the cost is so low, really.

We need to stop complaining, and instead do something about it ourselves. They have cars that get 50 miles per gallon. Sure, I'll probably laugh at you cause you're driving a Prius, but you'll save a bunch of money. We live in a capitalist nation, and we demand a lot of a product that is in limited supply. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Also, you can blame the oil bubble, much like the tech bubble or the housing bubble. But that's another story.

Chris Hansen is my hero.

OK, maybe not my hero, but he is a pretty good guy. Ever seen To Catch A Predator or whatever it's called? Well, there is a marathon on MSNBC right now, and Chris is busting these pedophiles left and right. Now, I personally believe that he is doing a great public service. These guys need to be off the street.

Here's where I have my problem:

I'm torn between the idea of getting creeps off the street and the idea of arresting someone for something that they haven't done yet. Trust me, I'd rather err on the side of caution and lock all these guys up, but part of me wonders how it's possible to charge someone for attempting to do something. It makes me think of Minority Report and other similar "thought police" situations.

Attempted murder is a criminal offense. Drunk driving (even if no harm or damage is done to person or property) is a criminal offense. In this case, attempted sex with a minor is the charge being levied against the predators. Great, fine by me, all of these things are horrible things. Just make sure that we don't set a dangerous precedent. There needs to be a line between charging someone when we are 100% sure that they are going to commit a crime, and arresting someone for thinking out loud. Or maybe a person plans to commit a crime, but later changes his mind and does the right thing. There have been times when I've gotten into my car after drinking and started it up. I sat there, and as the world spun around me, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. The conclusion that I quickly came to was this: "Man, you're wasted, get back inside and get some sleep." So I shut the car off, crawled inside, passed out, got a penis sharpied on my forehead, and everyone was happy and safe. Technically, I committed a crime. Apparently, even starting a car classifies as operating it under the influence.

Here's what I'm getting at. Please catch the murderers, the rapists, the robbers, and the pedophiles. Just take care not to hurt the small fish who are far from hurting anyone, and are just trying to figure out how to do the right thing. Thinking about committing a crime is not the same thing as setting up a crime or actually committing one.

And Chris? You get them damn pedos. Rock on brother.

Who the hell blogs anyway?

Me I guess. Nice to meet everyone, I'll be your pilot this evening. Please buckle up and enjoy the ride. We have refreshments that the flight attendants will be handing out shortly. Yes, we still serve peanuts, allergies be damned. We are cleared for takeoff. Hold on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.