Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Escaped Crminal. (c) 1994

Wrote this when I was ten years old. Just found it.

The many long, hard years of prison life had molded this fugitive into a fighting machine of extreme endurance, but even he was beginning to tire after three days of running from the police after his escape from the Orange County Correctional Facility. As he waded through a stream, he cursed under his breath as he saw his last pack of cigarettes get washed out of his pocket by the forceful current. “At least I still have my lighter”, he thought to himself. Behind him he could hear the crack of twigs as the not-so-agile search team followed hot on his trail. Up ahead he could see the outline of a warehouse with the words “RJ Reynolds Co.” on the side. “Good,” he thought, “I’ll steal some smokes from that warehouse and maybe get some sleep before the cops get back on my trail.”

Half an hour later he had successfully slipped in trough an old busted out window in the building and was rummaging through boxes. He had only found tobacco so far, no cigarettes. Upon opening his next crate, much to his delight, he found twenty cases of lighter fluid refill. A plan was forming in his mind. He knew that there was three officers chasing him. He could use this fluid as napalm and take out at least one of his pursuers. He went back out side and carefully built a small hook and release trap with a share on one end. This trap would capture one of the cops. He then collected some of the thicker branches. He dipped these sticks in the lighter fluid. After that he went through more boxes until he found some cigarettes and settled down for a nice long smoke followed by a nap.

The noise of footsteps awoke him. They were here. Within minutes he heard a scream and knew that his snare trap had worked. Now was the time to strike, while the other two were trying to free their fallen comrade. He lit the sticks that he had soaked in lighter fluid and came out of his hiding place. With one swift motion he hurled the sticks at the two standing officers, instantly engulfing them in flames. He then made his way to the hanging cop and broke his neck.

Now he was a free man. He went back into the warehouse and smoked twenty cigarettes before dozing off.

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