Saturday, July 5, 2008

A very very short essay on heathcare.

The argument over socialized healthcare is an important factor in this presidential race. Generally, Democrats favor government sponsored healthcare, while Republicans would rather have medical insurance be delegated to the private sector. It seems that in recent times, the concept of personal responsibility has been lost. Apparently, no one needs to plan for the future or pay for expenses that they incur upon themselves. I believe that the government should not be burdened with our medical bills. Basically, it comes down to this: one person should not be forced to pay another’s bills. If someone needs health insurance, then they need to buy some. They shouldn’t expect the government to pay for it. Healthcare costs are astronomical, and everyone knows this. Failure to have health insurance represents a failure to plan for the future and a failure to accept reality. In these modern times, everyone can afford health insurance, whether they know it or not. There are many ways to get affordable or free health insurance. Join a union, become part of a large family plan, or find a job that offers discounted insurance. Even McDonald’s offers it’s employees inexpensive insurance. The final point to think about is this: If the United States government creates a Federal health insurance program, who is going to pay for it? If a person thinks that their taxes are too high now, just wait until Barack O’Bama becomes President and that person has to pay for health insurance for 300 million Americans, even though they themselves are currently covered.

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