Saturday, July 5, 2008

McCain all the way.

I think that he is the only one that can lead our country in the right direction. His voting record is very strongly for the masses. In his multiple decades in government, he has never voted to increase taxes. Ever. Obama, on the other hand, is basically telling everyone to kiss their money goodbye. He has proposed paying for everyone's health care and giving all college student $4,000 a year. What he forgets to mention is who exactly is going to pay for it. The answer is, all of us intelligent, hard-working people. So you worked your ass off in college to get a degree and make a lot of money? Too bad, now we are gonna take that money from you and give it to the lazy. Built your own business from scratch? Thanks for all the hard work, thanks to you, now someone else can get a hand out and not have to work as hard as you did!

The concept of personal responsibility have gone out the window lately. People complain that they can't afford health care for their children, or that gas prices are too high. Everyone expects the government to bail them out. I firmly believe that if you can't afford health care for your own child, then you had no business bringing that child into this world. Everyone knows how high medical costs are, and they should think about this before having unprotected sex. If you are still careless enough to create life without a plan to take care of this life, then you are the worst kind of neglectful and uncaring parent around. This is, of course, only one example of how we are losing our personal responsibility. The problem is, every time a country attempts a socialist/communist government, it tends to fail miserably. If you take personal achievement and personal responsibility out of the equation, then all of the sudden you lose what made America great. This is what the Democrats are proposing. Everyone gets something for nothing, let's all just love each other and we will all be OK. It doesn't work that way. Obama is fooling the masses with a smile and smoke and mirrors. He will do nothing except bankrupt our country by giving away more than he takes in. Stop and think about how he can possibly pay for all of the things he is proposing.

And concerning the war in Iraq, whether of not you are for it or against it, you have to agree that terrorists are bad people. Obama wants to talk to them, to try to reason with them. You have got to be kidding me. Does he really think that if he had had a sit down with Bin Laden on Sept 10th, 2001, that the WTC attack would have been averted? Bin Laden would have gone "Oh, yeah, you have some good points, I guess I will just let go of this anger that I have been holding against your country for 50 years now. Thanks for the chat Obama." I'm pretty sure that many terrorists and dictators have said that they want Obama in the White House. (I'm looking for the story and sources now.) What does that tell you?

At least McCain is realistic. He says that he will go after anyone that wants to hurt America. Cool. He also is realistic about Immigration laws. He realizes that we can't just kick out millions of people. It's not feasible. So he is open to different approaches. And I can almost guarantee you that your taxes will not go up while he is President. McCain is a conservative Republican, and he is in favor of reducing the size of government, while the Dems are all for increasing the size of government.

My last point is this: Obama speaks of change. What needs changing? All I ask you is what needs changing. Are all of you guys unhappy with your endless supply of food, while millions starve in Africa? Are you upset that you only get to choose from 700 channels of TV? Is it really so bad that you have access to technology that can access almost endless information almost instantly and it is dirt cheap, while others around the world don't even have access to technology that gives them running water? Everyone wants change, I happen to think we are doing pretty damn good.

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