Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gas costs a lot because we use it like it's renewable.

It isn't.

I myself am guilty. This morning on the way to work, I was actually thinking of this, and I realized that although I drive between twenty and sixty miles to work each day (Depending on what site I'm at that day), I never carpool or consider moving closer to my job. It is the most extreme form of apathy, and Americans are terrible about it. Whining is much easier than changing your own lifestyle. It's much easier to point the finger than to admit guilt for a problem. When you have 300,000,000 Americans each driving dozens of miles per day, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that gas is gonna cost a lot.

When you think about the fact that somewhere in Eastern Europe, this oil rig goes a mile into the Earth, sucks up a gallon of dead dinosaur juice, ships it thousands of miles to the U.S., then refines it in their multi-billion dollar refinery, then ships it to the local gas station, then employs people around the clock to be there to sell that gas, all so we can hurtle our few tons of steel down the road: That's a ton of work put into that gallon of gas. And we're only paying $4.00 for all that work? I'm just fine with paying a lot of money for gas. I think it's pretty impressive that the cost is so low, really.

We need to stop complaining, and instead do something about it ourselves. They have cars that get 50 miles per gallon. Sure, I'll probably laugh at you cause you're driving a Prius, but you'll save a bunch of money. We live in a capitalist nation, and we demand a lot of a product that is in limited supply. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Also, you can blame the oil bubble, much like the tech bubble or the housing bubble. But that's another story.

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